SST is name after one of the simplest but most important tools in a carpenters tool belt -- the square.

As a young lad, I spent the better part of my formative years first watching and then working on job sites at home and later around the world.  There was always some type of building or fixing happening on my grandparents farm and we lived in a rapidly developing community where new home building was happening all around.  I would often ask my parents to let me watch the job sites to see how they would progress throughout the day.
I have always been a “gear guy” and when thinking about a new business, I asked myself: What type of gear do guys want on the construction site?  What did guys talk about on the construction site?  
They talked about tools and they laughed about stupid jokes or the way a guy would say something funny.  Tradespeople would often compare hard hat stickers and say “hey where did you get that one?” or exclaim “That carpenter has a nicely decorated lid”.  One time I was working on a barge based crane  on the East Coast and a gale force wind whipped up.  It blew one of the iron workers hard hats off into the bay and he said “aw man…and I just got that one 'stickered' up the way I wanted it”
That was it!…hard hat stickers and wearable gear.  Stickers to make the crew laugh and gear to keep them comfortable and secure in the often harsh conditions.
At SST we strive to continually develop a brand that people go to for great construction gear and that brings comfort and humour to the often harsh job site conditions.  Don’t get us wrong, we're not trying to make the job site a soft place.  We just want to make hard working people laugh from time to time and make the day pass quickly, safely, and productively.
We are excited to continually provide hard working people with a way to wear their humour on their helmet and stay comfortable in our gear while doing it.  


To make you the most efficient and best looking on the job with the highest quality gear.
We hope you enjoy our gear as much as we like creating it for you.
Mike Petter
Speed Square Tools